Definition: boon (bu:n) – something extremely useful, helpful, or beneficial; a blessing or benefit.

Synonyms: blessing, bonus, plus, benefit, advantage, help, aid, asset.

Boon Energy Services is a team of creative, forward-thinking individuals with their collective sights set on revolutionizing the service industry! The goal is to replace highly intense, historically accepted manual labor with engineered and automated alternatives.  Over the last two decades, our industry’s high injury rate has been reduced using proper safety systems, regulations, strong safety leadership education and a great safety culture.   However, there’s more to be done.

At Boon Energy Services, we believe that to achieve an injury free worksite you must also change the tools and re-examine the processes to reduce human factors as much as possible.  With partnerships in both engineering and manufacturing, we have been successful in building custom tailored solutions for customers to improve safety and capitalize on efficiency.  Adapting our tools to existing essential services and noticeably improving versatility and value is our specialty.

We are relentlessly focused on finding smarter and safer ways to get the job done.

Imagine a worksite where performance is enhanced while worker safety is also improved.  We have tangible data to suggest this is achievable.  Please contact us at to inquire how Boon Energy can address your challenges today.