Mission Statement: Delivering outstanding service through innovation, reliability, and cost effective solutions that will increase safety and efficiency for our customers.

Take a closer look at Boon Energy Services.  We provide an array of services but the really great part is how our team is driven to provide flawless service with a focus on safety and performance.  This service is unprecendented in the oil and gas industry.

Specializing in Continuous Improvement, we take existing essential services and custom tailor them to our customers’ needs.  We are motivated to develop engineered and automated solutions to reduce historically accepted manual labor that has been ingrained in our industry for a century.

We are currently supporting Well Service operations in North East Alberta and the North West Territories with the following premium equipment:

  • Picker Trucks
  • Light Oilfield Hauling
  • Hotshot Services
  • Thaw Trucks
  • Wellhead Prep Units
  • Hydraulic Breakout Services for Downhole Tools
  • Specialty Hydraulic Tool Rentals
  • Customized Tool Solutions

What sets us apart:

  • People – top talent in the industry with a passion for innovative, product development and client service
  • GPS tracking in our units – increases dispatching efficiency and promotes safe driving.
  • Cloud safety software –  engages our workforce, encourages higher quality, proactive reporting and offers real-time transparency proving to our customers that we are compliant at all times
  • Tablets for workers – gives everyone remarkable tools to access web-based safety software and receive precise work direction
  • Hands free hydraulic tools to break high torque wellhead components, downhole tools, and miscellaneous equipment.

Contact us for more information: 780.812.2088 or